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Our select staff of experienced Tax Experts have negotiated millions of dollars with the IRS and successfully compromised tax debts for pennies on the dollars. No matter the size of your tax debt, there is always a solution. 

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Toledo & Toledo Tax Relief's goal is to negotiate the lowest possible IRS payment amount, under the most favorable IRS Fresh Start Program, permitted by law. We pride ourselves in making sure you have a clear understanding of the process for resolving your tax problems and giving you realistic expectations for probable outcomes. We will let you know upfront, before you hire us, what tax relief programs are available.

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Tax Law Updates

Due to Tax Act changes you may notice a difference in federal withholdings. Visit the IRS website to see the latest news

Settled Debt. Tax Relief

IRS Offers Fresh Start Programs

IRS created programs to make it easier for taxpayers to pay back their taxes. Visit the link page by clicking on more.

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Tax Investigation

Tax Preparation

Tax Planning

Entity selection

Stop Wage Garnishments

Release Tax Liens


Individual Tax Debt Relief

Payroll Tax Debt Relief

State Tax Debt Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief​


I had my IRS & California tax debt hanging over my head for many years. I was well over $80,000 in debt and did not know where to turn. I worked with a different tax relief and after 3 years with no results I decided to try a different company. T&T Tax Relief got me compromises for both debts in under 6 months. I would recommend this services to anyone who is in need of professional help. 

Mr. Donald Albert

Family Maternity

Rebecca & Patrick Olsen

My husband and I were in serious trouble and we did not see any way out. We were to the point where we were going to file bankruptcy because of our tax debt. We found Toledo & Toledo Tax Relief and learned about the services they could provide. As soon as we signed up, we were protected! The notices stopped coming in and the IRS informed us of the pending settlement with 4 weeks after signing up. To our surprise they were able to settle our $20,000 debt for $100.

Happy Couple

Curtis & Wendy Smith

My problem started when I retired with my wife. I was under the assumption that taxes were being withheld from my retirement distributions but they were not. I let a few years go by and did not file my taxes. Well into our retirement we started to receive notices from the IRS, notifying that they had filed on my behalf and I owed them large sums of money. I had no way to pay what they were asking for. The IRS started to levy my Social Security benefits and we started falling behind on all our bills. After contacting these guys they made sure I was take care of. The following month's Social Security benefit was for the full amount. They were able to reach an agreement with the IRS for far less than what I owed. Thanks Toledo & Toledo Tax Relief!

Delivery Men

Michael Chepenick

I started my own moving business but was too busy to keep up with my books and tax obligation and much less knew how to. Toledo & Toledo Tax Relief was able to explain how everything worked and got me started on a new path to running by business and staying current with my tax obligations. These guys really helped me and I would recommend them to everyone.

*Client named changed to protect client's identity

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