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Our Tax Professionals have resolved tax issues for thousands of taxpayers using a wide variety of strategies to find a solution to your situation and keep you protected. Toledo & Toledo Tax Relief is a full service tax debt negotiation and tax resolution firm servicing individuals and businesses before the IRS and any of the 50 states' Department of Revenue. We work with taxpayers nation wide.

Here at Toledo & Toledo Tax Relief, we understand that is can be stressful dealing with the government in regards to your past due tax debt given the Internal Revenue Service is one of the world's strongest collection agencies. The IRS and State revenue agencies have the ability to forcefully collect by enacting legal orders to collect from taxpayer's bank account and garnish paychecks. 

Toledo & Toledo Tax Relief prides itself in making the entire resolution process simple and transparent. We start by pre-qualifying you & by completing a full investigation on your tax history to bring you into compliance with the revenue agencies. After conducting the initial investigation our tax experts will determine a plan of action that best fits your needs.

We look forward to helping you with all your tax needs.

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